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Note To Other Adult Webmasters

By: Donald Billings 03/20/97

There are those, on and off the web, that believe and want you to believe that all adult sites and adult site operators are of a bad nature, not to mention those that would visit such a site. This simply is not true. There are many (too many) that are however, and that, unfortunately, makes us all look bad to those that are uneducated in the realities of a real world. So the question is, Is there anything that we can do about it? Sure there is. We must all (Adult Webmasters and those that enjoy Adult Web sites) climb out of our holes, brush off the dirt, and make a stand. Together we CAN show the world that we can make a difference where a difference is needed. I personally know  many damn good adult Webmasters that simply will not stand for some of the sick things that can be found on the net. Yet, Webmasters and patrons of adult sites alike are all tossed into that same sick category, even though adult sites are viewed by more people in the world than any other form of adult media. Even professional experts have repeatedly made statements that this is a normal and healthy part of our nature, and that many of the adult sites offer a truly harmless form of release or entertainment. The answer I believe is rooted in the fact that the adult world, simply because its the adult world, has been kept in a dark hole, and we need to stand up and make a difference. So I've decided to put here on the first opening page, where its sure to be seen, the info that we all can use to help make that difference, and let the world know that there are those of us that wish to make a difference and DO CARE. I challenge each and every one of you to also make this same effort. Remember that if it were not for sex this would be a lifeless planet.  I would hate to think that the reproductive process was a horrible disgusting thing that we had to force ourselves into. Or that we could only do for the purpose of child reproduction. If the later was the case, just think how many more women would suffer from rape and abuse. No Thank You! So without further ramblings I encourage you to make your presence on the net and in this world count, because everything you do will make an impact beyond your wildest dreams.


This is the one thing that really makes me want to just puke! I've received many nasty letters because of my stance on this issue in the past and I'm sure I will receive many more now, but I refuse to turn my back on an ugly situation that appears to be growing without anyone doing a thing to stop it. I hope that I can, in some way, make this change and with your help WE CAN DO IT!

If you come across ANYTHING on the net that even looks like it involves children being used for ANY TYPE of adult pleasure, please, without hesitation, contact the Department of U.S. Customs Service. They are the ones that handle all these types of cases for the US., or will direct you to the agency that handles cases of any illegal sexual activity. If its not enough to do it for the right reasons, they also offer cash rewards. So please, do your part and help clean up the net and give the adult community a name that we can stand up to. At Don's World we will NOT post photo's of minors and or teen's. Why not teens? Although not all adult sites with teen pictures may have bad intent, It is MY opinion that most of these sites use teen pictures for one of two reasons as follows:

1) Because its the closest legally that they can come to posting photo's of children.

2) Because they value a profit more than they value the innocence of a child, knowing full well that there are many sick people that enjoy child pornography and will pay for a legal teen site rather than taking the chance on illegal child porn sites. Remember that we're adults and therefore should act like adults.

If what I've said here bothers you or you are in favor of Child Pornography then I encourage you to leave as I have no use for you here. I would rather be poor and humble than rich with an unconcerned attitude. For those that think this is just another way of taking away our freedom of speech etc... etc... I say to you that I support our right to freedom of speech until it hurts those that depend on us to nurture and protect them.  It is at this point that it is no longer a matter of freedom of speech, but rather, an individual's challenge to morally do what we ALL KNOW INSIDE IS RIGHT!


You may contact the U.S. Customs Service by clicking on the image above or

here now!

or just pick up a phone and call 24hours 1-800-BE-ALERT


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There is another problem that is not related to acts of an illegal sexual nature and that is the stealing of photos from artists, photographers, and magazines around the world for one's own profit at the cost of the creator. This should not be tolerated as it causes many problems for all of us, including the fact that visitors end up going from site to site only to see the same pictures that are seen on 100 other sites. Now think if you created a project at your place of income and everyone around you stole your work and got credit for it. Kind of changes the way you look at it when it comes to being the one getting ripped off. Here at Don's World, I've taken the best precautions that I know of to insure that all of our pictures have come from legit sources. I personally like to think that the pictures are just an additional feature along with the many other things available to you at Don's World. I've worked hard to make Don's World the most interactive adult site on the net, rather than just another place to download pictures. I will continue to add as much entertaining content as I canon a regular basis. I believe that is what has made Don's World the number 1 adult choice on the net today. For these reasons I make this offer: To any legit photographer, artist, or magazine that would like to feature some of his or her images here, I would be more than glad to setup a gallery dedicated to your work. I would include the appropriate links and credits due you in order to show the world your work, and most of all, to show the world who really did the work. Should you wish to have a gallery of your work placed here for all my visitors to view, you will need to include with your work proper proof and ID showing that the work truly is your own. I will accept any quality work, even if not from a professional, and give the same credits regardless. For those just starting out in the erotic photo business, this would be an excellent way for you to get your name recognized.

For those that are interested in featuring their work here at Don's World, Please send the proper information along with your selection of photos, either in photo form or already scanned on disk. If you prefer you may provide me the locations (URL) of your work, enabling you to easily update and change your work on a regular basis simply by replacing the pics that I'm linked to. I will not link to any nude photo galleries or pics on another site causing the other site bandwidth without their approval first.  At this time I do not know of any organization to report offenders to, but I'm sure in time I will either find one, or someone will let me know of one and I will then post that info here. For now, however, those of you that are interested in having your photo's showcased at Don's World, please send material as described above to:

Donald Billings
P.O. Box 6671
Chandler, Arizona. 85224

Thanks for taking the time to read the above, it is much appreciated, and now please enjoy your visit at Don's World and we hope you return again soon.


IF you are a webmaster that shares these same views then I encourage you to duplicate this page and its images and post it on your site as well. All I ask in return is that you do not modify the page except to make reference to your own site where appropriate. You do not need to add a link back to my page as I'm not allowing you to copy and post this on your site for any profit to myself, however I would like that you add somewhere on the page the line below so that others will know that you have not stolen my work and tried to take credit for it and so that I may be able to collect in one place other contact info that all concerned web masters can come to and update their page for posting on their sites. If you do post this message on your board please let me know at the address listed below as I would like to know that I'm not alone on this subject, and I may start a site in the near future depending on the response, that is solely dedicated to this fight and is in no way related to Don's World or any other adult site but will list all adult sites that also share this concern and have posted info on how to do something about it. Thanks for you time.


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